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Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial Sealcoating

We do commercial sealcoating in Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanisburg and York PA.

Don’t trust just anyone to handle the sealcoating at your business, trust the only PennDOT certified paving contractor in central Pa. We understand how important it is to work around your schedule and that down time for you means lost revenue for you. Checkout some of our past commercial sealcoating jobs on our commercial picture page.

Preventative Maintenance With Sealcoating

Sealcoating not only make your business more attractive and inviting. It also lowers your long term parking lot and driveway costs by extending the life of your current asphalt pavement. You maximizee the life of your pavement and commercial-sealcoating-at-trailer-park-central-padefer resurfacing and replacement projects.

We start by cleaning the entire surface to make it free of debris. Next we fill any cracks and make the needed repairs. For large imperfections we will bring out our paving equipment and get your needed repairs dove right.

State of the Art Equipment

We use state of the art sealcoating equipment for your driveway and parking lot. No mops and buckets here. And our employees are educated professional who know how to do the job right, fast and make as little impact as possible on your business operations.

Fair Pricing To All Customers

We treat our customers right. As a business you know word of mouth advertising is the best advertising of all. We are straight forward with our pricing. Check out our sealcoat pricing post for an idea of how economical sealcoating can be for your commercial property.

Filling Of Crack and Potholes

You want to fill in the cracks and the pot holes on asphalt paved area.  You want to keep the water out.  Water and the UV rays from the sun are the most damaging to your paved surface.  When you allow the crack to be untreated you commercial-sealcoating-at-trailer-park-central-paallow water to seep into the cracks and continue to wear away at the underlying material over time.  During cold weather months the water freezes and expands and damages your asphalt paved surface even more.

We Are Your Complete Commercial Sealcoating Company In Central PA

When the sealcoating is complete we can add new parking lot lines back.  We know the proper distance for parking between cars.  Handicapped markings, yes we have the tools.  And the price is very competitive.

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Please give us a call at 717-932-8920 or use our contact form to get a quote for sealcoating your business or commercial property.

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